Hawaii Bound

Heading to Hawaii for a couple weeks. looking forward to the ocean, skydiving, zip lining, kayaking, hiking diamond head as well as many other things. will be listening to all you fine folks from there and will be checking in from time to time while I am there. Take care everyone.
Russ WL7LP


  1. I got the opportunity to meet Todd WH6DWF had a very nice visit with him. He invited me to their local club meeting but after I had climb the diamond head crater I was wiped out and got real bad sun burn on my face and head. So I missed that opportunity to meet more local ham’s here in Waikiki. Also missed meeting Shorty of the winsystem reflector. Will meet back up with Todd later to give him his radio back. Now it’s off to kayaking.
    73 Russ

  2. Had to cut my vacation short. due to an issue at home. but while I was there in Hawaii, I had a blast. met up with Todd again and he showed me some site there and we walked around and chatted for a while. enjoy the visit with him. later that day, I went Zip lining for the first time. that was a blast. after that. I headed to the airport to fly home and deal with the issue that was going on there. flight was already delayed for hour and a half. finally home. home was a freaking mess, was not a happy camper to come home to that. I should have stayed in Hawaii lol. anyhow all unpacked. home cleaned up. issue still dealing with. but now getting settle in. Thanks Todd WH6DWF for a warm welcome to Hawaii and the company. enjoyed it very much.
    73 Russ WL7LP

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