AMN T-shirts

I have been getting a lot of request for some Alaska Morning Net T-shirts. So I am currently looking into getting some made in various sizes and will start with only one color shirt. I have asked for some quotes from various venders and will see what kind of prices they can offer. if they are reasonable I will place them on the web store and make an announcement here and on the Alaska morning net.

Russ – WL7LP
Alaska Morning Net – Net Manager


  1. Ok, I have a sample T-shirt. let me know what you guys think. I know it’s hard to tell from the picture. but the shirt looks pretty good. if enough folks wants them I will order a bunch in different sizes.

    Russ – WL7LP
    Alaska Morning Net Manager

  2. Looking good. I’d love to wear one of those!

  3. Well since there was no really interest in the T-Skirts. I have cancel the idea.

  4. We make custom shirts one at a time to order. See web site for info.

  5. Thanks I will check it out

  6. Loren KG7KA does an excellent job making shirts for the Alaska Morning Net. If you would like one, you can place an order with him. send him an email at I have attached some photo’s of what he did for me as an example. my camera does not do the shirt justice, so keep that in mind. Right click on the image and select view image to get a bigger view. then use back button to get back to the page.

    Russ – WL7LP
    Alaska Morning Net Manager

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