Connecting issue with 29332

In the last few weeks has made some changes to their servers that cause a lot of folks nodes to not be able to connect any where. after many complaints from node owners. they have switched back to the old system and that has solve many people connect issues. however their are still many that still not connect to certain nodes that they were able to before Allstar made theirs changes. I am getting many emails from folks saying that can no longer connect to my hub 29332. I have not made any changes to that server in 2 years. so I can assure you it’s not on my end. Allstar has a statement on their web site that if your stilling having issues to contact them via email and let them know. so I would start there and see if they resolve your issue. seems to me it is a DNS issue or a registering issue on their end.

As a temporary fix we can add each other node information in the rpt.conf file, so that it has a more of a direct connect to each other rather than having to go through the AllStar servers.
if that is something you would like to try. then email me using the contact link above and I will get you added to the file. I will then email my info to you so that you can add that to your rpt.conf file in your node. once that is done you will have to reload rpt.conf or reboot your node.

73 WL7LP – Russ Ely
Alaska Morning Net – Net Manager


  1. I have made some changes to the Alaska Hub 29332. not because folks could not connect. those changes was made over 2 weeks ago. So far the whole system has been running with no issues what so ever. Those here locally will hear the weather condition for the local area, now with the time announcement. Plus I have switch the CW ID from Morse code to an voice ID. If by chance you run into a problem, Please let me know about it as soon as possible. so that I can take care of it immediately. Look forward to hearing you all on the Alaska Morning Net.

  2. Hi Russ, I used to enjoy checking into the AMN thru the UHF repeater in Salt Lake City, UT area. I just got a nano node for checking in from the HT instead of just listening on the tablet.
    Do I need permission or anything like that to connect my IRLP node 3862 on your 9109 node? I was able to connect one time a few days ago as a test, but I haven’t been connected since that one time. Thanks for any assistance with this puzzle. I am new on IRLP.

    • Hi James, you don’t need any special permission to connect to 9109 with your nano node. I checked to make sure you was not being blocked and you are not. so that’s not the problem. if you can not connect. I would have to say, something has changed in your system. run the trouble shoot script if you can from the nano node. that will usually tell you what may be wrong.

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