Spam measurements

I have added some anti-spam measurements to the web site. As of lately the site has been getting hit with a lots of spam. I have added a program for banning IP addresses. That alone has been very good at catching spam bots and has cut out most of the spam. But some still gets through. What is being hit now are the contact forms for the site and for the web check in forms. I have added spam programs to catch those and so far in the last couples days has put a stop to the spam of the contact and web check in forms.

The IP addresses the program is blocking is pretty aggressive. So far the whole 185.*.*.* block of addresses are being blocked as most of the spamming is coming this block. Most of which are coming from Turkey. So far 98% of the spamming has been stopped so far.

If your having trouble using the contact forms for the site (Contact) or the web check in form. Please let me know and I will look into it.

73 Russ – WL7LP
Alaska Morning Net – Net Manager


  1. Ban Stats in almost a August 2022.

    Total Attempts: 88,811

  2. up to 132,053 since august 2022

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