I got started in IRLP and ECHOLINK from a ham in North Carolina NN4NC Mac. I met Mac in the Nos internet packet gateway system in the world wide converse channel. Mac asked me about IRLP and if I knew anything about it. I told him no, I never even heard of it. He told me to tune my vhf rig to 145.55 and I did and there he was calling me. I answered him and we had a 15 minute QSO on vhf. me being in Alaska and him in North Carolina. I was just amazed and shocked that we was having this conversation miles away from each other on VHF no less. then he told me how it all worked and I was hooked. IRLP and ECHOLINK are both a lot of fun. I build my node and attached a vhf radio to it with the help of KL7M Dave in Anchorage and KL3DO Eric in Fairbanks. I been having loads of fun ever since. talking to folks all around the world. Thanks to Mac NN4NC for telling me about it and thanks to KL7M Dave, KL3DO Eric for the help in building one

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