Please help out the Alaska Morning Net Network Fund with your donations. Donations help keep the servers running, purchase used Radios, antenna’s, coax, IRLP cards, URI’s (for AllStar nodes), used computers and such. So that we can provide wide coverage in the State of Alaska.


I would like to thank the folks that have donated some of their hard earn money and equipment to the Alaska Morning Network Fund. We appreciate you guys more than you’ll know. Thank you all again!! making IRLP 9109 and AllStar hub 29332, 27133 a little bit better place to hang out all day and call home.

KL3DO – Eric Prowell                                       N5CP – Chuck Randant                            N3NTV – David Vowell
WL7KE – Kevin Elm – Formally KL2RQ          N6VOA – Dominic Cassarino                   N9WJP – William Piva
WL7CW – Charles Beaudreault                      KI6KGN – Trevor Carrier
AL2B – Robert Rowley                                     W1NSA – County Comm ARC
AL7X – Ramon Gandia                                     KA6CPR – Frank Layton
AL7MI – Michael Rice                                       K6NOX – Knox LaRue Jr
KL7CY – John Linnon                                        KU6V – Donald H Stansbury
N5ZUA – Steve Agee                                         2E0TWD – Paul Roche
KX7VC – Paul Marrott                                       W9JAY – Jay Fadness
KL2DR – Bud Spinney                                       KL2AN – Rob Stapleton
VE7CUP -Ernest Martin                                    VE7JLF – Elaine Halsey
K6GOD – Allen Towles                                       James Horton
2E0TWD – Paul Roche (Paddy)                        N5DRH – David Henderson
KD5VXP – Christopher Mann                          KD9QHV – Stephen Carrera
K5CAP – Craig Peeler                                        N4LRA – Wilbert Hull
KL4QZ- Kathryn and Ken Smith                     KE6LGE – Allen Fields
K5LER – Lawrence Riendeau                          N5DRH – David Henderson

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