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The IRLP connection to the Alaska morning net has been down for awhile. I am currently working on getting it back on line. But honestly the way the IRLP folks handled over 100 people PGP key for their nodes was UN-professional.

My IRLP was effect by this. I am seriously thinking about replacing and my IRLP node with AllStar nodes now because of their UN-professionalism and giving no noticed. IRLP was bridged over with AllStar and Echolink. Right now the only way to reach the Alaska morning net is to use either Allstar or Echolink. The IRLP connection will take some time to reestablish as I need to hard wire  an IRLP to an Allstar node using the radio cables.  IRLP has left a bad taste in my mouth over this. This is not the first time they have made IRLP node owners follow their damn stupid rules forcing them to leave them on 24/7 or they will lose their PGP key (Node Number). Now with the removal of the IRLP bridges to other VoIP system to allow all VoIP system to be linked/bridged together. I really am thinking hard about dumping IRLP and just sticking with AllStar and Echolink. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this is to the IRLP users.

Russ WL7LP
Alaska Morning Net – Net Manager

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