Baofeng UV5R cable. requires no soldering of the radio. so you will not have to open up the radio and risk the chance of turning it into a brick.


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Price of the cable is $25.00 plus postage. use the paypal button to purchase.

If you like to build your own. I have placed a wiring diagram below to use. do not place this on any web site without my permission. Just remember that the volume knob on the radio with effect your audio out to the internet. if folks say your audio is to low then turn up the volume just a very tiny bit (it don't take much). if they say your to hot  then turn the volume down. set your volume using the echo reflector 9990. once connected give a ten second transmission and wait for it to come back to you. if audio is to low or to high make the adjustments and then put a piece of tape across the volume knob so it don't get moved by an accidental bump.