My IRLP Moblie Node

I built this moblie node project with an VIA Epia M-10000 motherboard. 256 megs of ram, 1 gig CPU. I installed a 8 gig solid state hard drive and supplied 12 volt power to it from a pico M3-ATX solid state 12 volt power supply.

Completed inside shot. I installed the Debain IRLP software onto the solid state hard drive using a external USB CD/DVD. the whole install procedures went very smoothly and I got my pgp key in 20 minutes, so I was on the air and talking through the air and the internet in 30 minutes time.

Front View with a Motorola 5 pin Maxtrac Radio. Back view of the computer and radio.

I Later replaced the Motorola radio with a Baofeng UV5R dual band radio.



M3-ATX, 125w output, 6v to 24v wide input Intelligent Automotive DC-DC Car PC Power Supply.

M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure.

Industrial 40Pins IDE FLASH DOM Disk On Module (8GB).

ACS USB MC760 Internet Doggle -

Wilson 301125 moblie Antenna for the MC760