These are some Hot Links I visit often. Click on the little soccer balls.

KL7J- Has a very nice home page. check it out!
KA1LPA - Home page. SSTV32, Winskan, Proskan stop by and visit.
Chromapix and Windows 95 SSTV Program. Very Nice!
Arctic Amateur Radio Club - Fairbanks, Alaska
IRLP Web site - A VOIP Node system for Ham radio.
KL0CK- Stop by his place while your at it.
WL7BM- Stop by and check him out - Sir Royal Mac.
HamVoip - Different version of AllStar. Easy setup Almost plug and plug.
NN4NC - Mac has a nice looking website with lots of nice info. stop by check him out
AllStar - Another VOIP program for ham radio
Echolink web site. A window VOIP program.
The ARRL Home Page.
K3PXY Tony in Punxsutawney Pa has a nice jukebox web site. playing most old time country/western songs.
Alaska Morning Net Web Site. Check it out.