Here are some Ham programs that I use alot. I also run a full system BBS here in North pole. I use the F6FBB software on one system and LPnos on another.

Packet Software
F6FBB Dean's M_Filter WinPack 6.80 Upgrade 6.80 Paket 6.2
A full service BBS program. The best one out there. In my opinion. But hey it's just my Opinion!!!
This is the current M_Filter for F6FBB software. Nice improvements. Thanks Dean.
A windows packet program. very nice! and easy to setup. program just keeps keeping better & better. try it you'll like it. Full install version
Upgrade to WinPack 6.80 some internal upgrade and bug fixes. see I told you it just keeps getting better.
Nice Dos packet program. has a setup feature for most all tnc's out there. now is y2k compliant.
Packet program that works in windows. run a Baycom modem very nicely. all other tnc's need to be in kiss mode. I use it for my baycom modem and handheld for when I am moblie. Wtnc101g - A update for Wintnc. brings it to the G version.
Jnos has become very popular in the recent years. lots of things you can do with it. once it's setup right. BBS,Tcp/ip, gateway, etc. get the current version.
A nice packet engine that works very well with winpack and a baycom modem. works with other packet/tcpip programs. Works with the sound card now. current version 2001.38

Dos version of F6FBB packet software.

Dos Y2K update epurwp.

Windows Y2K update & epurwp.

New bpq409b for Dos only. Not for bpq32!!