Here are some SSTV programs that I use a lot. More will be added as I find them. Most of the software here are old now, most will work on the older machines such as windows 95, windows 98, ME and XP. some will not work with Vista and windows 7. MMSSTV seems to work with all systems so far. a lot of the SSTV programs are no longer updated or maintain.

SSTV Software
Chroma Pix WinSkan PROSKAN JVCOMM32
This is a very awesome slow scan program and must say that it is the best one out there. This one is going to beat them all hands down. check it out. lots of improvements have been made. get the latest updatehere.
This is a new windows sstv program from the maker of Proskan. works off the sound card. version 1.06
This is a Dos version 3.02 of proskan. just awsome for Dos. I use this one all the time. you need to build the interface for it. but that's easy to do.
This is the new Windows Jvfax sstv program, call jvcomm32 Download the New version 1.40pre. it's looking good. has a interesting interface options. good scopes and more!
JVFAX 7.0 Winpix-Pro WinPic32 SSTV-PALINS
Very nice (Dos) sstv program. the first one I ever used. you need to build a demodulator box for it. easy to build. plans are in the zip file.
A very nice window sstv program. The demo is receive only, but has the full version look and can only be installed once
WinPix 32 replaces the winpix pro version. lots of new improvements. new version 3.80 
SSTV-Palins is a text editor for adding effects and color to fonts, wing-dings and other effects to your slow scan pictures. easy to use. SSTV-PAL is the recent upgrade.
This is another one of Jamies windows slow scan program. looks like winskan but with more improvements and is a 32 bit program. Current version is
A weather satellite program for receiving weather satellite pictures. works very nice and good color too. new version 2.57
A 2 disk set. made for windows. looks nice. don't know much about it. just that folks was asking me about it. so here it is. Disk 1 and Disk 2
A linux sstv program. new version 9.1.8. give it a try. Thanks Johan ON4QZ for the continued updates. He has also got a working for the Raspberry-Pi 2,3 version as well. running on Rasbian Jessie and Ubuntu Mate. Link to the manual

MMSSTV Software
 Added two window layouts - Added an optional window for the control buttons - Added an option that attaches the RX window to the WINDOWS desktop. - Added double-click short-cut operations for the stocked pictures, stocked templates, folder thumbnails. - Added 320x240 image manipulating schemes - Added a repeater function - Fixed a bug that caused the resource shortage in Windows 95/98/ME - Fixed some bugs and applied minor improvements
- Added notch filter - Added a function that automatically readjusts the off-synchronized image when filters are switched - Added MSG button in the text & color window - Changed the number of S.Templates-image pages to 4 - Added dupe check scheme for JASTA contest - Added LMS filter modes - Fixed minor bugs and put fine improvements to the program
- Improved the program termination speed - Added an option that turns off the font smoothing. - Added EXTPTT port function (EXTFSK.DLL required). - Added custom log link - Added custom RadioCommand - Added custom sound - Fixed minor bugs and improved several functions.
There are a lot of new changes made to the new version, most are internal, but a few are external as well. read the eupdate.txt file for the current changes.
Revision history Ver1.11 -> Ver1.11G - Added a link to the English CHM help file - Made the log file in the same folder where the EXE file resides - Added the RX window clear button to the pop-up menu - Added a gateway to Turbo Hamlog/Win version 5 (Tnx to JG1MOU) - Added narrow band modes (MP-N, MC-N) - Added FSKID.TXT in the package - Improved AFC for narrow band modes - New English Help by Russ - WL7LP
This is the last current Version of MMSSTV. there hasn't been any updates in several years. But so far seems to work with most all operating systems.

MMSSTV is gone open source. soon to be released for public release. details for release are currently being worked out.